Saul Eugene for St. Louis Park

I’m running to become your next Ward 3 City Councilor and create a community that is equitable and welcoming to all.



Hello! My Name is Saul Eugene

Growing up, I spent the vast majority of my childhood in Saint Louis Park. It was where I became the person I am today. This city taught me how to work hard, how to care for my community, and how to have empathy for others. It is the reason that I moved back home after college. At a time when most of my peers were aiming to travel or move to far-flung locales on the coasts, I came home.


Our Community Platform


Minimum Wage

Raising our municipal minimum wage is a top priority should I be elected. While improving the minimum wage is step one, we also must partner with local municipalities to ensure local businesses cannot simply move across the city line and thereby avoid paying a living wage. This will help the lives of our residents and have ripple effects far and wide not only to those that live and work in St. Louis Park, but those who live here and work elsewhere. 

The current minimum wage in St. Louis Park is $10.08 an hour, or $20,966.40 a year for a full-time employee working 40 hours a week. According to tax estimate calculators, that is a take-home pay of $18,037. The cheapest one-bedroom or studio apartments in the city have rents of roughly $875 a month, not including utilities. A low utility estimate of $150/mo and the cost is 68% of your income for a roof over your head. For a minimum wage worker, this leaves less than $120 a week to spend on food, gas, healthcare, and other basics of living. Every resident of our city is important to the overall prosperity of SLP, and it is unreasonable to expect anyone in our municipality to live comfortably on the current minimum wage.

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